Want multiple colors for event

I need three colors for any single event as follows:

  1. Provider
  2. Appointment Type
  3. Confirmed or not

I do not want to use font-color as I want to keep font color to be white for all events. I can use event_line as one of the colors. However, I still need 2 more colors in the event body. My questions:

  1. Can we have different colors for header and body of the event?
  2. Can we make the event_line thicker so that it is more visible?
  3. Is there any way other than header and body of the event to use multiple colors?

A quick reply will be appreciated.


Yes, they have different CSS classes, check attachment.

Not sure - what is event_line?

Not sure what do you mean. Events have two section which you can alter with CSS by default. Also note that you can alter event_text template and display your custom html there - so you can add icon for confirmed events, add another section and so on.

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