Want to add a background for the select box


I am able to configure a dhtmlx selectbox.
A small downarrow/triangle is always displayed in a normal HTML selectbox ,I wanted to have a feature similar to this in DHTMLX Grid. is there any way that i could always show a dropdown icon at the edge of the cell as the normal dropdown in dhtmlx grid is confusing and looks similar to a normal cell.

Please let me know incase if there is any inbuild property to the selectbox or i can manipulate a cell in anyway.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately such feature is not available.
You will have to create your own custom exCell type.

Also you may try to use the “combo_v” exCell (similar to “combo” but with dropdown icon) based on the dhtmlxCombo component.
Here is an example of “combo”:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … combo.html