Want to get a mouse drag position in dhtmlxTree

When i drag a tree node into another div object using s_control function, I want to get a relative position for targetHtmlObject
for IE , It works fine. but others not.
How to get?

function s_control() {
this._drag = function(sourceHtmlObject, dhtmlObject, targetHtmlObject) {
targetHtmlObject.style.backgroundColor = “”;
alert(sourceHtmlObject.parentObject.id+“/ x=”+event.x+" , y="+event.y) ;
} ;
this._dragIn = function(htmlObject, shtmlObject) {
htmlObject.style.backgroundColor = “#ddfaff”;
return htmlObject;
} ;
this._dragOut = function(htmlObject) {
htmlObject.style.backgroundColor = “”;
return this;
} ;


The issue does not relate our Tree… You can try to use getAbsoluteTop(node) and getAbsoluteLeft(node). These functions are private, so they can be changed or removed in any new version. But if they work for your case, you may find and learn their definitions in dhtmlxcommon.js. And if it is needed, you can apply same calculation logic in your scripts.