Way to store the changed skin color, colwidth etc


Is there any way by which we can store the changes that are made on the grid.

that is i want to store the changes like

1 - Change of Skin Color

2 - Width of the column

3 - The sequence of the column after the column is moved and placed in the different position.

I want to make the changes to be hold even after the grid is reloaded. In my case after the changes are made and then reloaded the grid gets the default property.

For example i have initialized the column size to be 100. After the grid is loaded i resize the grid to 200 and then i change the sequence of the column and also the skin type. Now when i reload the grid i want the column size to be 200 rather than 100 similarly the other parameters also should remain same.

How can i customize the grid to hold and display the grid with the parameters previously stored.

There is no way to store skin settings, but sizes and order of column can be stored in cookie.
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