We are using the setXMLAutoLoading feature with pagination.

We are using the setXMLAutoLoading
feature with pagination. we gave the enable pagination command like this


So in the grid if we have only 1
record  the records info is showing like this

Result Page: 1| >

Results 1-1 of know 1


When we click on this link > 
it loading the same 1 record again i mean repeating the same row again and now
the records info will look like this

 Result Page: 1| >

Results 1-2 of know 2

It continues like that increasing the

Please correct us if we are doing wrong.

The XML autoloading always calls defined server side
script and all data returned by script is included in Grid structure. When grid
calls server side script defined by  setXMLAutoLoading it transfers a
position from which server side script must output XML for rows as URL


If server side script returns the same rows, which
already loaded in grid, they will be loaded again, it is a duty of server side
script to return correct data based on url parameters.<o:p></o:p>