We need new control (dhtmlxButtonEditor)


Good day!

This question for the developers!

Is it possible you to do the next input control (look attachment).

We will name it “dhtmlxButtonEditor” or “dhtmlxButtonInput”!

Control is analog of dhtmlxCombo, or input (type is SELECT), or dhtmlxDate.

Must have:

Properties & methods (special):

getText - get text content
getValue - get value content
setText - text content
setValue - value content
addButton({prop1:value1, prop2:value2}) - add button to control
setPicture - sets picture to button (or text)
and other…

onPressButton (something like that)
button(0).onPressButton() - some function1
button(1).onPressButton() - some function2
button(2).onPressButton() - some function3
button(n).onPressButton() - some functionN

onChangeText (something like that)
onChangeValue (something like that)

and other events…

And it must be integrated in dhtmlxForm and dhtmlxGrid…


P.S. DevExpress has such a control:
documentation.devexpress.com/wi … s-Overview


Unfortunately we’re not planning to integrate such control in dhtmlx in the near future. If it is critical for you project you may visit sales@dhtmlx.com and request that customization.