web application slow in IE


we have developed a web application using your components and works perfectly in Firefox, however we are now ensuring it works in IE7 and it is extremely slow

is there a reason why it would be fast in Firefox and very slow in IE7?


In common case IE have more slow rendering and javascript engines. So anything will work a bit slower in IE than in FF.

it is actually so slow that it is un-usable, are you saying there is nothing we can do?

There is no any special measures which can improve performance in IE, but it possible that some optimization can be done to the code which improve performance for all browsers.
It is hard to suggest any practical steps without ability to check original issue.

you really need to make a note of this on your site. we were under the impression dhtmlx works in all browsers, but this is extremely slow in IE and therefore you must state this to your customers as we would not have purchased your product if we knew this was the case.

you are not stating any way for us to get around this problem, its your product and therefore you must be able to give a solution. if you cannot give a solution then i would like written confirmation as to why this is not made aware to customers

please pass this issue onto one of your managers

can you please guide me to finding the performance problems, as all i know is that it works in FF and is very very slow in IE. where do i start?