Web Application Within A Layout's Cell

I am creating a dashboard using the ‘4G’ layout style that will manage and display all the web applications me and my team have built. Cell ‘a’ contains a list of all our web applications and cell ‘c’ is the main cell that displays the web application that we have selected from cell ‘a’. (cells ‘b’, ‘d’, and ‘e’ aren’t being used for now).

Right now, I’m using attachURL() of the web application that I selected in cell ‘a’ to display the web application in cell ‘c’. But, it would be preferable if I could append the project to cell ‘c’ so that our web applications can inherit the CSS and Javascript from the dashboard file, thus, only have one call to DHTMLX’s CSS and Javascript files.

I have the dashboard file at the root of my directory and I have a projects directory that contains all of our web applications. So is there a way I can append those web applications into cell ‘c’ of the dashboard file using DHTMLX methods?

I hope this makes sense.


Could you provide us some screenshots?
It is quite hard to understand: you need any dhx component to show a list of your projects or apply our dhx css to your project?

Here are the the screenshots:
(The order is backwards I apologize. Start with the screenshot labeled as ‘1.’ which may down at the bottom)


not sure it possible to do directly. files are in custom iframes.

Ok, I’ve figured out a work-around for this. This may not be the best option but it works for my project pretty well. In my dashboard html file, I have a div element with an id of ‘appHome’, which will contain the project I select from my side nav.

-First, I have a PHP script that looks at all the files in my applications directory and appends them to my side nav

-Second, I use DHTMLX’s attachEvent(‘onSelect’, function(id){…}) function to select the project I want.

-Third, I pass the id to a function I made called getApplication(id) and from here I use a switch statement on id and determine what project it is and then return to project path (i.e. ‘/applications/application1.js’).

-Fourth, I use jQuery’s $.getScript(app) function using the returned project path from step 3 as the parameter.
NOTE: All my applications have to be in the “.js” format for this to work AND the parent of the application’s layout has to be “appHome” since I’m appending this to the div element in my dashboard file.

-Fifth, Once I have loaded the script, it will be appended to the div element and then I write layout.cells(‘b’).attachObject(‘appHome’).

Again, this may not be a good approach to this but I figured I would at least share the answer I’ve come up with to my problem. Thanks for the help so far.