Week scale unit with excluded weekend

Hi there!
Can somebody help me to explain how exclude weekend if scale unit is ‘week’?
‘ignore_time’ function doesn’t work because it receives first day of week only!
Snippet - https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/3b2439f10

You can open console and see Monday is logged only.


Please don’t repost the question in multiple threads in the future. We have already discussed the question in the support ticket. You can write to support directly and get assistance faster as a licensed user.

For anyone else who encounters similar issue:
‘ignore_time’ function can hide only the interval equal to the full unit of the scale, not a part (like 2 days of the week). I.e. if you have set ‘day’ as minimum scale unit - the function can ignore the period equal to one day, if minimum scale unit is ‘week’ - hidden the period should be equal to week, etc.

I created a more simple snippet that demonstrates the solution of how it can be implemented in the Gantt with scale_unit = ‘week’. https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/cb2edd21b