Week view columns width by content

is it possible to set that the columns width depends of the contained events?
We would want to have a minimun width for the events for let them way more legible.
The schedule can be scrolled for the full visualization of the week.



Hi Nicola,
Unfortunately, no. Currently, it’s not possible to increase the widths of specific columns. I can only suggest the following approaches for improving the readability of events in such cases:

  1. You can use Tooltip. In order to do this, add the extension ext / dhtmlxscheduler_tooltiptooltip.js to your HTML. Thereafter, when you move the mouse over an event, a form with information about the event will render.
    Tooltip sample:
  2. Using config cascade_event_display with the option true you can place events in cascade.
    Displaying events as a cascade:
  3. Also, the scheduler can show a form with event information when you click on an event. In order to do this, add the extension ext / dhtmlxscheduler_quick_info.js to HTML, set config quick_info_detached with option false, weather the event-form appear near the selected event. Otherwise, if you set the option true, the event-form will appear from the left/right side of the screen.
    quick_info_detached sample: