Week view - scroll to the first event in scheduler

On the week view is it possible to scroll the time to the earliest event in the week.

For example I am using:

scheduler.config.scroll_hour = 7;

However some users only have appointments in the afternoon, say 15:00. So it would be nice if the scheduler could jump to their earliest times.

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I know this topic is several years old, but it would have been relevant for me today, so I thought I’d give at least a little answer that might help lead in the right direction. For my purposes, I was trying to scroll to a specific event in a month view. I was able to use the querySelectorAll() and scrollIntoView() methods to make something functional for myself. (rowID comes from a grid, but it’s the event’s id)

var matches = document.querySelectorAll('[event_id="' + rowID + '"]'); if (matches.length>0){ matches[0].scrollIntoView(); }

Hope this helps someone!

Also it’s possible to implement in the next way:
get all events by getEvents() method, find the earlierest event and then call showEvent() for it.
Example: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/a560f18f