Weekly and Monthly recurring events create extra occurrences


When creating a weekly recurring event that has a set number of occurrences, the occurrence occurs an extra time if you start the series on any day except monday.

How to Reproduce:

To Recreate for a weekly event:
-navigate to a resident or community calendar
-Create a new event with the following parameters: “weekly” “repeat every wednesday” “end after 2 ocurrences”
-Refresh the parent page and observe the extra occurrence

To recreate for a monthly event:

  • Navigate to the resident/facility calendar
  • Create a new event with the following parameters: “Monthly” “on [1] [Wednesday] every [1] month” and “after [2] occurrences”
  • View the calendar and notice the extra occurrence

Technical Details:
Here is the code that adds the extra occurrence if it isn’t a weekly event that includes the first day of the week. It looks intentional, but it’s certainly causing an issue.

scheduler.transpose_type(code.join("_")); repeat = Math.max(1, els["occurences_count"].value); var transp = ((code[0] == "week" && code[4] && code[4].toString().indexOf(scheduler.config.start_on_monday ? 1 : 0) == -1) ? 1 : 0); dates.end = scheduler.date.add(new Date(dates.start), repeat + transp, code.join("_"));



Just wanted to let anyone viewing this know that updating to version 4.2 of the DHTMLX Scheduler library seems to have resolved this issue.



Hi Chris,

I am using dhtmlxScheduler v.4.3.0 Professional Evaluation copy, still facing the same issue.
I already posted in the forum.



Hi, I have an error similar to yours.

I’m doing a Recurring Weekly event with a rec_type like this “week_1___1,2,3,4,5#3”.
So it is weekly,Monday to Friday and end after 3 recurring.

the problem is in the root recurring, my “start_date” will be “{29/05/2017 15:30:00}” and the system choose “{01/06/2017 15:30:00}” for the “end_date”. That’s wrong… that’s make 4 occurences of the event…