Weird behaviour of dataprocessor and IE when using POST meth


I am using a grid with dataprocessor. I had to switch to POST method because of GET size limit.

Everything works fine except IE. When I turn on debug mode, I can see it’s not passing POST parameters to update script and fails. I’ve tried adding additional “seed” parameter to post , added headers to the update script to force no-cache, added seed to the update script URL call but no success so far.

Please advise.



Which platform you are using for server side scripting?
Some java-servers doesn’t process incoming requests correctly if incoming request contain both POST and GET parameters.

Are you using HTTP or HTTPS mode?
There is a known bug of POST submit for IE when https mode used. It affects not only ajax call , but even native form submit.

I finally found the problem, it’s a combination of NTLM & IE bug and POST method. (IE Not passing POST params when NTLM is enabled)