WEIRD problem. Really weird

I have the following problem. Maybe you wont believe but it is true.

in my xml file i have two hidden columns that have latitude and longtitude coordinates. My grid table have the following logic:

1 row indicates movement hours of a vehicle, 1 row how long the engine was off but i do not know if the grid starts with row indicating movement or rest because it is generated from the server with very complicated logic. That’s why i have created two hidden columns and the rows that indicate movement i decided to put in the latitude/longtiude columns the word “k” and the rows indicating that engine is off the coordinates.

So when i decided to iterate the grid with javascript code i had to check if the current row is indicating movement or rest and i used the following code:

var blabla = mygrid.cells(x,y).getValue();

window.alert(blabla) <---- shows the word ‘k’ as espected.

But when i do this. window.alert(blabla.length) < ---- shows that the length is 3 ( THREE ) WTF???

and this one if(blabla == ‘k’ ) doReverseGeocoding() does not work because it says that the value in the cell is not equal to ‘k’ no matter that when i print it it shows ‘k’

then i decided in my xml to change the word ‘k’ with the word ‘kkk’ and when i print its length

window.alert(blabla.length) <— this time it shows 5 ( FIVE )

in both cases the length of the word is with TWO letters more!!!

BUt when i print it window.alert(blabla) it shows what is expected ‘kkk’

Any solution to this?

Do you have in the XML

In second case the new line chars may be preserved and you will have “k\r\n” as cell value. Two last are not visible but will affect length and comparison…