What are the possible <cell> attributes for TreeGrid object?

I am struggling to find a documentation for the possible attributes used in TreeGrid.

I have a Grid with the first column as Tree. The tree is loaded dynamically when the (+) is clicked.
I send back a sub nodes in the form of XML & . I want the sub nodes to be expanded automatically. What is the attributes to open that automatically? I tried “open” attribute on the cell but that didn’t work.
I couldn’t find any documentation about the possible attribute for tag to allow auto-expand a node.

Please don’t tell me this is not supported.



The “open” attribute should be applied to the row but not for a cell:

first column data

Here you can find a example of the available xml structure with supported attributes for the dhtmlx-components:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/doc … index.html

Worked beautifully!
Thanks very much for the reply and for the useful link.