What components are needed to bind a form to a grid?


I’m trying to get a form to show the data in a selected grid row. I’m using the standard editions of both dhtmlxgrid and dhtmlxform which I recently downloaded.

I’m following the DHX code examples here: docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=binding

and here: docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=tuto … _to_grid&s[]=grid&s[]=bind

Everything seems to work until the bind method is called:


No data gets populated from the selected grid row. No error is thrown in the debugger.

What DHX .js libaries do I need to include in my code, please, and are they part of the standard edition, because I can’t find them in the standard edition grid and form downloads? Are they free or do I have to purchase them? I’m wondering if dhtmlxdatastore.js is one that I’m missing.


To have data binding functionality you need to include dhtmlx.js ( instead of all separate js files ) or dhtlmxdatastore.js ( in additional to other js files )

datastore js file can be taken from gpl version of dhtmlx suite.

Thank you, Stanislav, you are most kind. I’ll give the GPL version of datastore a try.