What controls the layout of radio/checkboxes in a fieldset

I have a window in which I then create a fieldset and attach to an object within the window -

[code]wctx = dhxWins.createWindow(wchng, 550, 80, 300, 400);

... wctx.attachHTMLString(strdiv); .... var formData = [ {type: "settings", position: "label-right"}, {type: "fieldset", label: "Scope of change", width: 270, list:[ {type: "radio", name: "ctx", value: 1, label: " Change context for this node only", checked:"1"}, {type: "radio", name: "ctx", value: 2, label: " Change context for this and its children"} ]} ]; var dhxForm = new dhtmlXForm("frmbox", formData); [/code] The result is shown below [img]http://hsyst.com.au/images/fieldset_spacing.jpg[/img]

As you can see the layout is not as well as it could be. The radio button could be closer to the left edge of the fieldset container thereby increasing the space between the radio button and label.

How can this separation be achieved?


Please, try to update your dhtmlxSuite. radioboxes show well with the latest version.

Thanks for the reply sematk.

Your comment didn’t really answer the question as to what controls the spacing. Is it CSS? If so, which one?
However, I did download Ver 5.0 and installed with much the same result - viz:


Apologies - same link to previous.
Try this

This is how your code looks for me locally:
If the problem still occurs for you with the latest version pleas,e provide with a complete demo, where the issue can be reconstructed.