What if render_table sql returns 0 rows?

I’ve got 2 grids that are attached to 2 php files containing the render_table statement.

What if render_table returns no rows?

For example,

This loads the php and passes in an ID:


The php contains the render_table statement:


Now, the grid updates and displays the correct information if there is data (ie, if there are records with the specified studentId).

However, the grid does not update, and keeps the previous data, if the new studentId does not return any records.

Is there a flag or something that I’m not setting?


If render command doesn’t return any rows - it must not prevent saving new data ( empty dataset is pretty common use-case, and must be handler without any specific steps )

Please try to enable logging and provide log content for problematic operation

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … nd_logging

Thanks. I enabled logging and resolved the issue.