What is event_length

How can i change my event_length for recurring event,because its storing some random time of startdate in Scheduler.
where its assigning event_length in recurring.js while updating a recurring event.

why do you think that event_length value is wrong, does something works visually incorrectly in your app?
Please give some details.
There is no known problems with generated values of event_length, so the original issue must be caused by something else

Modified occurences of the series have big values of a event_length, these are the timestamps of original instance (not the event duration), this is expected
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/recurr … ntheseries

Hi Aliaksandr ,

                My timezone is UTC+05:30 so when i am creating any  recurring event and tried to update any one occurance, its storing event_length some timestamp,which is not matching which either start_date or end_date of my database values.so can we change in js for event_length?

By default scheduler applies local time zone offset to the timestamps, try enabling this setting to remove the offset
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … onfig.html

Hi Aliaksandr ,

               I tried with what u said,but when i tried to get Scheduler.getEvents(),its displaying some UTC time which is not available in my database.

How can i enable calling onChange event everytime lightbox opens in Calendar.

please ignore my first post

when i am using scheduler.config.occurrence_timestamp_in_utc = true;

and i tried to use scheduler.getEvent between dates its giving time wrong?how to solve it.