What is the future of Charts at DHTMLX

I really like many things that DHTMLX offers especially the support when I cannot figure something out. That has always been very good. I would really like it if you would do some work on your charting feature. Here are the things that I need if you care (in no order of importance):

  1. 3D Bar Charts - they look so much richer
  2. Mulit-Charts - Need to overlay line and bar charts and maybe even pie charts.
  3. Need to be able to control the opaqueness of a chart so you can see through a chart to another in an overlay
  4. Backgrounds / Watermarks - there are times when you want to see a companies logo in the background and even a chart as you display some statistics in the foreground.
  5. Annotations and markers - There are times when I want to display statistics and event markers on a graph.
  6. Dial and Gauge charts - Invaluable when displaying results be that have a lower and upper bound
  7. Click sensitive Legends - you need to be able to control multiple graphs from the legend, hide things bring things to the front etc
  8. Export capability - At a minimum export to SVG, preferred built-in capability to export png,pdf and jpg
  9. Slider functionality on charts - Be able to display different time perspectives and use a slider to see aspects of both perspectives.
  10. Bullet graphs


Currently we do not have plans to add these features in the next Chart version. However, we will consider them and possibly some of them will be implemented in future versions.

Will be added in the next version

By default chart area is transparent, so you can place any kind of logo behind it.

It possible to get access to the canvas object which is behind the chart object and render any extra info, we not plan to add any special api.

Possible, but not in the next version

It is nice to hear you are trying to enhance the charts… I really need more. By the way what are your release cycles? (once a year, twice a year, 4 times a year…)

We release major update once per year
Minor, bug fixes - small improvements releases, occurs few time per year

I agree that click-able legends would make a big difference. I can add drill-down functionality by letting a user click the chart area, but some areas are small and hard to click. Being able to add onLegendClick(id) would be invaluable.

Good to hear Multi-Charts will be supported. Will these multi-charts also allow one to set a different Y-Axis range for each series or chart type? I’d need to show multiple series on the same chart that differ by more than an order of magnitude. Being able to have a different range on the left and right Y-Axis would be terrific.


Hello Eric,

unfortunately, the next chart version, which is going to be released soon, won’t support multi-charts. But we’ll consider this functionality to future versions.

In the meantime you could use highcharts. Works well with dhtmlx.

it would be nice to have export functionallity to PDF, JPG, SVG.
i was checking some others libraries, some of them are awesome, but at the time to represent data on grid table, DHTMLX is the best
so, in order to have a full functionallity i think that the DHTML Chart library must be improve

What is the status of the future of Charts at DHTMLX?




currently we do not plan to implement chart exporting. You can try to use third-party solutions like PhantomJs (phantomjs.org/) that allows to run html page on server and save it as image or pdf file.

In the next release we are going to add features for charts with scales (bar, line, area, scatter):

  • rendering multiple charts in one
  • ability to hide / show series
  • customizable xAxis

Best wishes