What is the last row id visible in the viewport?

Is there a way to know what is the last row number visible to the user in the grid?

In other words, as a user scrolls down this number should increase. When the last row is shown (the scrollbar has reached the bottom of the grid) this number should equal the number of rows in the grid.

As the user scrolls up this number should decrease.

I would like to show in a status bar something like “dd of ll”, “22 of 345” or such.

Ah, I’m using dynamic loading so maybe the number of rows will not work. Is that right? The documentation says about getRowsNum “it will return expected number of rows”. How often is this wrong? And why can’t it transfer the right amount of rows?

When all data is loaded - getRowNum return the exact number of rows
With dynamic loading, it returns the expected number ( as not all rows is really loaded, but there is a total-count number, provided by server )

You can use getStateOfView API to get info about currently visible rows.

var state = grid.getStateOfView();
// state is array of [ top visibile row id, count of visible rows, total count of rows in the grid ]

Thank you Stanislav.