What is this 'undefied' keyword in the js?

Greping through touchui*.js

I see a number of references to undefied which I assume someone typed in missing the N key.


May I suggest some JS verification scripts or at least fix this too.

Other quick bugs :

  • dhx.alert() wont accept widths, ie has no effect
  • dhx.confirm() dialogs wont even accept heights and widths, so its stuck with max of 3 lines of text.

I even changed the sample 07_confirm to contain more text in the message and yep cut off.

As for “undefied” - yep, will be fixed.
Actually the code already have a lot of test and checks, but such kind of error doesn’t violate any js coding rules and doesn’t affect any existing testing scenarious.
Anyway we will add some extra steps to inner tests, so it will not reoccur in the future.

Regression with alert|confirm sizing fixed. ( will be included in next version )