what to stop loading entire list when textbox is empty

I m using dcombo,there about 5000 option elements , so when text box clear/empty it loads entire list which is slower the browser

since it has to render all elements

So i want to stop loading entire list when textbox is empty,just should autocomplete when something is type.

This is solve the browser slower and hanging issue.



In autocomplete mode, combo will not send request to server side if it has not any text inside.
Please provide a code snippet which you are using for combo initialization

Question: what to stop loading entire list when textbox is empty

channelNames is array of [values,text and css] , the lenght of array lenght is more 5000 is passed to dhtmlXCombo

below is dhtmlXCombo initialization code

var z=new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone3","alfa3",300);
    z.setComboText('Search Channel');

        if(z.getComboText()=='Search Channel'){
    return true;

There is no way to improve situation if you are loading all list from client side code.
Combo can work in auto-load mode with server side script , so it loads and shows only necessary data instead of showing all at once.