What visual effects are available in DHTMLX?

I’m using ExtJS for more than 2 years now but ExtJS is becoming heavier and heavier.
So, for my small projects, I’m thinking of using DHTMLX.

But in ExtJS, I have a lot of visual effects like fade in, fade out windows; windows that popup up from the top or border (just like in Outlook when a new email message arrives), …
Especially in some of my shopping carts, when I order a product from the grid, a small rectangle (representing the ordered product) is flying into my shopping basket and when it arrives in the basket, the basket blinks 2 times . . .

Are these things possible in DHTMLX?


Patrick De Laet

Yea I went through the Sencha’s ExtJS. It has lots of visual effects. But I don’t think it can be very user friendly like DHTMLX. Don’t worry Patrick DHTMLX team never let the product remain as it is and they are still working hard to upgrading it. And releasing lots of controls like Gantt Chart, scheduler which are not included in Sencha.

We hope DHTMLX 3.0 has those visual effects and so many features.

Dear Inga Kravtsova, Can you please let us know the updates if can?

Best regards

Unfortunately, the DHTMLX library do not support any complex visual effects yet, but we have plans to add such possibility in the future. Most probably the oncoming version 3.0 won’t introduce them as well, but the next upgrade (DHTMLX 4) will include animation capabilities.