What's new Function in dhtmx Form 3.0 Full ?

Hello. I would like to know what update new function in dhtmlx Form 3.0 Full from Beta. Will it have new any function (disabled input, master detail grid eg.) ? :smiley:

I would also like this information.

I have downloaded Form 3.0 beta as I want to be able to attach Editor and Calendar controls to my forms. When I do so they do not show up in the browser. If I use chrome->inspect element I can see that the objects have been created in the right places.
I am loading the form via XML setting the input to “editor” and “calendar” but I do not know what other parameters I could/should use.
I have checked and rechecked that I have all the right links to the stylesheets and javascript files.

The help file with the beta down load opens but there is nothing in the right hand document frame. The index, search and content tabs work fine but when I click on an item nothing is shown.
I am using Win7 x64 in case that makes any difference.

Many thanks

Nobody can answer it? :question:

Such information is not available yet

To see the examples of integration of editor an calendar into a form please look at the sampless you can find here:


If issue still confirms please provide any kind of sample.