What's setContextZone(htmlObject,zoneId)?

All the documentation you have on this is:


set context zones


# File required:dhtmlxmenubar_cp.jshtmlObject - id of html tag or html object

# zoneId - id of zone

I’m trying to get the context menu to show up in the expected place. This function is poorly documented. Which html tag am I supposed to be using? The div the tree goes in? The non existent DON id for the node? The span class, which also doesn’t have a DIV ID?

The And what the heck do you mean by “Zone”. That’s not a standard HTML DOM element - I think it’s something you made up. Care to give me a hint on what it means?

Sure, I could go through your source code and figure out what you mean - but that kind seems like something you should be doing.


In current context zone - this is any html element which will be used as activation element for context menu, so you need to provide ID of html element here

>>The div the tree goes in?
In case of tree, there is build in support for context menu integration, please check
    dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxT … _menu.html