When I delete an event it should refresh page

When I’m deleting an event how do I make it disappear without manually refreshing the browser?

Do I need to set a filter too? Should I use the set_response_attribute withing codeigniter and do something in my main scheduler.php.tpl?


  1. main query with codeigniter works well

    //returns an array with data
    function get($request){
    $user = sess_get(‘user’);
    extract($user); // user_id, divs_selected, private

     $divs_selected = sess_get('setup','divs_selected');
     $sql = "select e.*,case when e.canceled = 1 then 'canceled' else 'active' end as status,s.im

port_source_name from events e,import_sources s where e.import_source_id = s.import_source_id and ";

    if ($is_private)
        $sql .= " ( is_private = 0 or ( is_private = 1 and user_id = '$user_id' ) ) ";
        $sql .= " is_private = 0 ";

    $sql .= " and deleted is null ";

    $query = $this->db->query( $sql );

    return $query->result_array();
  1. delete function in codeigniter works well

function delete($action){
$event_id = $action->get_id();
$this->db->update(“events”, array(‘deleted’ => 1), array(“event_id” => $event_id));
$this->log($action, ‘delete’, $event_id);


This should happening by default. If deleted event not dissapears, that usually means that server-side returns invalid xml or ‘error’ response.
Could you paste an example of your server response?

This is what I’m getting



david-vrb2.data-server.us/schedu … iting=true

<?xml version='1.0' ?>

TypeError: f is undefined

david-vrb2.data-server.us/dhtmlx … curring.js
Line 23

this._rec_temp=[];for(var c=this.get_visible_events_rec(a),f=[],b=0;b<c.length;b++)c[b].rec_type?c[b].rec_pattern!=“none”&&this.repeat_date(c[b],f):f.push(c[b]);return f};(function(){var a=c.isOneDayEvent;c.isOneDayEvent=function(b){return b.rec_type?!0:a.call(this,b)};var b=c.updateEvent;c.updateEvent=function(a){var f=c.getEvent(a);if(f.rec_type)f.rec_pattern=(f.rec_type||"").split("#")[0];f&&f.rec_type&&a.toString().indexOf("#")===-1?c.update_view():b.call(this,a)}})();c.transponse_size={day:1,

Here’s the post


14818_canceled 0
14818_dhx_editor_status deleted
14818_division AA
14818_end_date 2014-01-28 14:50
14818_event_length 0
14818_event_pid 0
14818_event_type other
14818_id 14818
14818_import_source_name No import
14818_is_private 0
14818_start_date 2014-01-28 12:20
14818_status active
14818_text New event type
14818_user_id dgriffis
ids 14818
TypeError: f is undefined

…eDayEvent=function(b){return b.rec_type?!0:a.call(this,b)};var b=c.updateEvent;c…

dhtmlx…ring.js (line 23)

the response seems correct.
Try the most recent version of the component, does the issue happens there?
s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … 140129.zip

I tried the new version and rolling back to previous versions. That didn’t work.

But I think I’m on a path to another solution, maybe I could get a suggestion to make this work.

Problem 1 - Clicking on the dialog box icon before you click on the checkmark icon causes everything to freeze

Possible solution: Disable the dialog box icon somehow unless the check mark was clicked first? (I guess that means disable unless and event has been saved first)

Problem 2 - If you click delete it proceeds to bring up my confirmation and then doesn’t do anything.

Possible solution: Disable the delete icon if the event doesn’t exist yet? I was thinking of removing the trash icon (delete icon) completely but it actually works as intended when there’s an event record.

So I’m hoping I can find a suggestion for those two question(mark)s



*oddly enough when you click outside the event it disappears which is exactly what I want the delete to do

I figured out a work around for the problems with the lightbox hanging.

I put this setting so the lightbox comes up directly on create.

Seems like if I save from within the lightbox everything is ok.


But I still don’t understand why the ‘Delete’ icon doesn’t clear the event off the screen. If I click on a new event or something, then it clears the event, which is the behavior I’m looking for?


I figured out a solution to the deletion problem by putting a


In my Codeigniter delete function.

It puts a black strike-through the header and doesn’t make it vanish.

But, I’ll try and sell that behavior to my boss.


If you have some kind of the online demo, where the problematic behavior can be checked - please share the link.


Are you building the response by yourself? If so, did you check the Content-Type is set to text/xml?

I had some odd behaviour with dhtmlxscheduler before checking that.

Unfortunately, it’s behind a firewall and has proprietary case information. Now that I click and go directly into the lightbox I’m bypassing the issue.

Thanks so much,


Unfortunately it’s a restricted internal app. Now, I’m not deleting at all. Just set a flag to cancelled and filter it. By going directly into the lightbox I can cancel and when it exits it’s gone. So I resolved the issue by avoiding it.



It is problematic to suggest any solution without checking the problematic code.

From the above description - it really may be some problem with server side processing | response. If server side sends wrong response ( not xml, not valid format, etc. ) client side will mark item as “delete” ( strike through ) but will not remove them fully.