when setNumber is set, cells actually use rounded values in

Hello there,

I’m using the setNumber mask like this “0,000” (no decimals). I have math formulas in each cell of my XML.

I noticed that when I use the setNumber mask, the cells are calculated using the rounded value. For example.

Say the result of math formula in cell [[1,1]] is 559.40. When setNumber is set, the rest of the cells which use [[1,1]] in their formulas use the rounded value of 559 and not 559.40 which can lead to inaccurate results compared to Excel. Hope I’m explaining this properly. I don’t want to give up the setFormat mask because I want the thousands separator but is there any way to solve this problem?

Thank you

Problem confirmed, the math use default getValue to retrieve value of cell, which will be a formated value not the original one - this behavior can’t be easily changed without side effects.

You can
    a) show the necessary count of decimal points in your formatted output
    b) modify dhtmlxgridcell.js in next way

function eXcell_edn(cell){
    this.getValue = function(){
       return this._val;      // <= this line need to be added
eXcell_edn.prototype.setValue = function(val){
       this.cell._val=val;   // <= this line need to be added