when use dhxCalendarA in setCellExcellType

when use “dhxCalendarA” in a grid cell as below:
mygrid.setCellExcellType(“r1”, 1, “dhxCalendarA”);
the dhxCalendar’s positon is the right of the grid cell, not the below of the grid cell, this is strange.
I hope “dhxCalendarA” cell type can same as the “dhxCalendar” cell type than let the dhxCalendar’s positon below the grid cell.


You may try to customize the position of the calendar using the setPosition() method.
For example:
mygrid.attachEvent(“onCalendarShow”, function(myCal,rId,colInd){
var cell = this.editor.cell;
var pos = this.getPosition(cell);

I see,
but this is not so good.