When use splitAt, the left grid can't scroll use the mouse

when use splitAt to frozen the columns, the left frozen columns can’t be scrolled use the mouse’s middle button, the right unfrozen columns can be scrolled use the mouse’s middle button.

This is the designed behavior. Frozen part of the grid cannot be scrolled manually. It scrolls only according to the right side of the grid.

dhtmlx suite 3.0 Pro

when used splitAt, left part of grid does not scrolled by mouse wheel.

However on your sample (dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … split.html)

this works in chrome

is it possible get patch for version 3.0?

I apologize for mistake.

The scrolling should work in the frozen part of the grid.
If issue still occurs for you - please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com and provide with a complete demo, where the issue can be reconstructed.