when using function addButtonSelect(), have problem

i’m using function addButtonSelect() like this

ToolbarFile.addButtonSelect(“view”, 8, “”, “view.png”, “view.png”);
ToolbarFile.addListOption(“view”, “view_dlist”, 1, “button”, “Details”, “list.gif”);
ToolbarFile.addListOption(“view”, “view_icons”, 2, “button”, “Icons”, “icons.gif”);
ToolbarFile.addListOption(“view”, “view_tiles”, 3, “button”, “Tiles”, “tiles.gif”);
ToolbarFile.addListOption(“view”, “view_thumbs”, 4, “button”, “Thumbnails”, “thumbnails.gif”);
But create same Separator.

What toolbar version do you use ? the 4th parameter of the addButtonSelect is array of options, Therefore you need to set at least an empty array:

ToolbarFile.addButtonSelect(“view”, 8, “”,[], “view.png”, “view.png”);

We have reproduced the problem with separator locally