When will the new Version be out?

We’re desperately waiting for this to buy …

forumadmin :
Update is postponed to next week (last week of July, 2010) or which is the latest - the week after.

:open_mouth: :question: :exclamation:

Any further news of 1.3?

Yes, we have finally finished testing & bugfixing, and 1.3 is ready to be published.

Great news :mrgreen:

When will the new version ready for downlod for customers?

I think the team DHX should stop to lie because they announced the publication 2 months ago… :imp:

We have not announced anything yet. We had plans but they were changed on purpose. I am sorry for that, but it is our product and we do care of it. We just have our plans changed. We will deploy and announce it within next couple of days for sure. Unfortunately, it’s a complex process and cannot be performed by one person, and summer time is a vacation time as you may know.
Once again, I am sorry for the delays.

p.s.: If you want to try it out, I do not mind to send you the GPL version 1.3 right now.
Please send me a private message to get it by e-mail.

we all are waiting desperately for this new version. Actually it’s the heart of the app I’m building with my team in the moment.
Currently, the old 1.2 version has some flaws, which might not be considered as errors, but:

  • it doens’t seamlessly fit into the other dhtmlx widget biosphere
  • it has some lose ends like scaling and localization (tasks running for more than 6 months in a day by day view is somehow not very handy, tics as numbers instead of dates on the X-Axis isn’t either)
  • etc etc

That’s why we al are picking on you. DHTMLX Team is doing a great job with all these widgets and the entire framework, but please -. get your customers satisfied :wink:


Fedor, I dont said that you make of a bad job, DHX is a great framework.

But what’s disturb me, that’s the team tell 2 month ago, release come in one week, one week later, release sould come next month, and now we are almost in September and nothing…

I prefer you tell me, we dont have a release date, somes bugs, somes work on others composants or whatever but dont said at your customers: “yes next week”.


Gantt 1.3 is released. Enjoy!