Where Can I find dhtmlxPortal.js ?


I saw the component portal, but I haven’t it in codebase/, Where can I find it please ?

Thank you :slight_smile:



For now it’s not officially included in the dhtmlxSuite package. dhtmlxPortal is in Beta and you can download it using this link:

dhtmlx.com/x/download/regula … l_beta.zip

Here you can find some related info: dhtmlx.com/blog/new-dhtmlx-component/


It was announced almost 3 years ago, we were seriously interested but it’s still in beta?
Will it ever be an included component in the (pro) dhtmlx Suite and if so, about when…?

We appreciate a clear statement on this to be able to communicate our expectations on (also ongoing) project schedules…


I apologize but unfortunately the project was postponed.