Where can I find the link to the scheduler in Wordpress

I am a klutz, and managed to change the “Link to scheduler” in the wordpress plugin settings and my calendar now just 404’s. Where can I find the proper link for the scheduler?

I could be mistaken, but I think that the link to scheduler refers to the url for your install… yoursite.com/calendar-permalink/

you may have to go to your PAGES section, choose the page for your calendar… then right above the edit box should be something that says permalink, and it will show you the url for your calendar.

that’s what I have there and it works fine for me.

Thank you for replying, but I have no pages page for the scheduler. So I can’t check there either. Any other ideas?

Where are you viewing your calendar then? And what are you clicking on that is giving you a 404?

You need to have a page set up to show your calendar. The default page is something like events-calendar-scheduler, or something else like that.

If you have NO page in your pages list for calendar, you can make a new page, give it a title you want, and adjust your permalink to what you want(or leave it the same)… for me my page title is ‘Events Calendar’, and my permalink is just mysite.com/calendar/

Then in the page, you have to enter this shortcode: [[scheduler_plugin]]

then your calendar will be created. And, add the permalink to your scheduler page to the place you’re referring to in your calendar admin section.

Thank you for your replies. Jasonarchibald - That was just what I needed. Thank you!