where clause in render_sql

hi dhtmlx team,

can you please tell me how can i use where clause and join in render_sql and render_table command???

You can’t use it in render_table, but in render sql you can write any sql
just write desired SQL

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ral_tables

hi ,

Actually what i want is…i want to edit single event from recurring series so it insert the new event with new id,event_pid a lightbox have more fields but it doesn’t save them with new record…

when i go through log file i found that query in which rest of fields pass blank value at the time of editing single event from recurring series
INSERT INTO events_rec(start_date,end_date,event_name,event_type,rec_type,event_pid,event_length,priority,description,userId,comments) VALUES (‘2012-09-22 11:30’,‘2012-09-22 11:45’,‘dnwkndwlklkwnldnwlkd’,’’,’’,‘4’,‘1348293600’,’’,’’,’’,‘SK’,’’)

…but if we add or edit a normal event it works fine
plz reply asap