Where do I report bugs

In DHTMLX Suite 4.1

in dhtmlxcommon.js:652 it says

if (!dhx4.callEvent(“onAjaxError”, t)) return;

but should be

if (!dhx4.callEvent(“onAjaxError”, [t])) return;

thats why no response object ist passed to the handler but it should.


You are right
We will release DHTMLX 4.1.2 on Monday with few fixes, including the above one.

any update on the 4.1.2 release?

Just grab the latest version from the size ( if you are using PRO version - use the same download link as for version 4.2 )


Hey Stanislav,

The description of this sub-forum says “Do not post new questions here!”. Yet people kept posting questions.

How about locking this sub-forum?

Yep, probably this is a good idea.
Forum locked.