Where has the documentation for suite 7 gone?

Hi there,

I’m very confused : I use suite 7 for few years now and since 8 is up, I can’t find any official documentation about suite 7 anymore. For many reasons, I can’t update to 8. Could you please help me and tell me where could I find the documentation that used to be there for suite 7 ?


I think DHX has done a nice job in providing documentation for its various product versions (at least 6-8). I use this page and if you look at each widget you will see (in many cases) a version history:

Plus, in the snippets you can select the specific version you have to test out a property/method/event.

Does that help?

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Thanks a lot, yes it does help ! I didn’t see this possibility of changing version in snippets.
I do agree that the documentation is quite complete and well organized, that’s also why I was confused not to be able to get older versions.
Thanks !


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Thank you for all your kind words.

There is a public repository for the DHX docs:

If you need some specific state of the docs you can go to commits section:

search for commit related to the needed build (in your case it is - latest build before the 8.0) and fetch its code:

To start the docs locally you should call

yarn start

(worked well for me with the node.js 16)

Though, the solution suggested by @ND_Results is recommended and more stable, I suppose, as older states of the documentation may contain typos or mistakes in the articles, which were fixed in the later versions

make sense,.…!!