Where in the grid does grid.showRow(rowid) place the row?

Folks, Can anyone tell me where in the visible grid the function grid.showRow(rowid) place the given row? It looks like if the row is already visible nothing is done, but if the row is not visible then is requested row placed at the top of the visible grid, the bottom or somewhere in between?

Any help is much appreciated.



If the row is visible the grid won’t be scrolled. If the row is not in visible part of the grid it will be scrolled so that the needed row will be at the top of the grid area. If the scrolling the row to the top of the grid area is not available (f.e. it is the last row in the grid or some upper) the grid will be scrolled to the bottom (the last row is on the top of the grid).

Hi sematik, Thank you for your explanation.