Where is '#master_checkbox' prop in Grid Columns Header?

I want to create a custom header with checkboxes.

I know there was a master header attribute in the previous version
old version

I want to make it using that property in the current version.
Are there any attributes in the current version?
Even if I look for an attribute in the guide, it is not visible.


columns: [{ id: "ch", header: [{ text: "checkbox" }, { content: "#master_checkbox" }], type: "boolean", editorType: "checkbox", editable: true, }...],

Currently, the checkbox is exposed only to the body, not the header.

There is no native master checkbox in the dhtmlxGrid, but You are to make your own one:

You may place any custom html content to your header and make it trigger the data iteration:

and change the value of your checkbox cell:

Something like:

Thank you for answer…The issue has been resolved!