Where is the documentation for the RESTful data access

I am evaluating the dhtmlx v. 6, and I’m really struggling to find documentation for the RESTful data access methodology.

I understand REST very well. I’ve written countless web services implementing RESTful interfaces, and code to consume other people’s RESTful webservices.

But I don’t really see anywhere any description of the RESTful data structures that will be required for each of the data-aware UI widgets. For example, the Grid has to support sorting, paging, filtering, etc., and all those features will require passing structures to and from the REST data source.

It’s not enough to just say “all the UI widgets use REST to read and write data.” There needs to be specific documentation so that I can write the matching RESTful web service to serve up the data.

Can you point me to such documentation?

Really, I’m not even sure how to bind the proper url to the widget, or what methods are called to save and fetch data.

In the case of the grid, as I can see in the documentation, the operations you mention are carried out on the data loaded on the client, not on the remote data. Can you mention a particular widget about which you need this information?

All the data components of the dhtmlxSuite 6 use the dataCollection helper. It unifies the format of the data for all the components and allows to use a similar api to work with the data: