Where is this coming from?

When I make an accordion. The content area of a accordion slide is given the class dhxcont_global_content_area but the style for that class is hard coded from the script to have a top: 25px value. How do I change this because it does not play nice with my design… What I really need is for it to be top: 26px as I added a 1 px border to the accord header.

What skin are you using? dhx_skyblue has header border and top offset is 26

Im using dhx_blue

Even in the css file for dhx_skyblue I dont see that property… Its not being set in CSS its coming from the script when it draws.

Yes, header height is defined in dhtmlxaccordion.js too, line:

this.skinParams = { “dhx_blue”: { “cell_height”: 24, “cell_space”: 1, “content_offset”: 1 },

That was exactly it. Thanks.