where to download the latest version of 3.0 version?

Download from homepage version
sample : /samples/01_initialization/16_projects_and_milestones.html
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where to download the latest version of 3.0 version?

unfortunately, starting from version 3.0, support of different types of tasks and ability to skip columns from the time scale was removed from a free (also reffered as GPL, or Standard) version of the component.

This functionality, as well as the most of new features of version 3.0 is available in PRO version of the Gantt, which how goes under Commercial and Enterprise licenses. You can contact Sales department to get an evaluation version of dhtmlxGantt PRO

dhtmlx.com/blog/dhtmlxgantt- … rsion-3-0/

Online examples at docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/ uses the PRO edition of the gantt

The example /samples/01_initialization/16_projects_and_milestones.html should have been removed from the Standard package

Starting from version 3.0 you need to use Gantt PRO to use Milestones and custom task types
( we will remove the problematic sample from default package, sorry for inconvenience )

docs.dhtmlx.com/treegrid__treegr … n.html#xml