Which Connector to use with Informix database?


I’m totally new to dhtmlx, just came across these tools doing a web search for a tree control with drag/drop capability.

The dhtmlxTree component seems to be very well suited for a project I have to do. The database used in the backend is Informix, but I haven’t found any reference on the dhtmlx pages to this database. I’d also like ColdFusion for the server side, but the ColdFusion Connector doesn’t list Informix as a supported database.

I also wonder how database-specific the ColdFusion connector has to be. Coldfusion uses JDBC for communication with the database, so the JDBC driver handles most database specific stuff. Is it possible to adapt the existing ColdFusion connector to work with an Informix database? In case it makes a differenc: We are currently on ColdFusion 8 on a Linux server, might upgrade to CF10 during this year.

Are there any successful implementations of dhtmlx client components against an Informix database? I’m not totally dependent on ColdFusion for the server side, might use something else that’s proven to work.


Unfortunately Informix DB will not work with CF connector ( there is some sql specific features in existing code, which will not work with Informix )

If this feature is critical - you can contact sales@dhtmlx.com about custom development.