Which is fatser ; dhtmlxGrid From Table or XML


We have created dhtmlxGrid from Table in one of the projects and facing some performance issues while loading the page.

Creating DhtmlxGrid from XML will require a lot of change in our implementation so is it worth to use XML than that of HTML table to improve the performance issue.

Is creating DhtmlxGrid from XML faster than that of Table ?


Table initialization is faster then xml. But you should use Smart Rendering to add rows by portions (only PRO edition).

<table name=“grid” onbeforeinit=“grid.enableSmartRendering(1)” class=“dhtmlxGrid” …>

The loading from local xml string and loading from local html table basically are the same. The difference is very small.
In case of loading from remote xml file - you need to load the data to client side, which cause a small delay ( but it will not affect processing speed after data loading )

In both cases , usage of smart-rendering mode improves performance a lot