Which License use?

Hi, I develop websites and some of them are shopping carts or content managers, I would like to put some ajax funtionalities using your components. Is there any licenses for that? To be clear, I will develop a web solution with some of your components and I will sale it to my clients. Which license would I have to use?

According to the terms of both Commercial and Enterprise licenses you are allowed to distribute dhtmlx components as a part of your web solution (if it is not a competitor to our components). The only restrictions are:

  • you are not allowed to distribute the components standalone;
  • you are not allowed to distribute the components’ sources (js file with comments stored in ‘sources’ folder) and without mentioning our company as an owner of copy rights (this text is included in js file stored in ‘codebase’ folder already, and you are not allowed to remove it).

So, if you want to use dhtmlx components in a single project/application, the Commercial license is enough for you (just note that support and updates period for this license is 1 month only).
If you plan to use dhtmlx components in several different projects, you should choose the Enterprise license.