Who can explain the gravity property for me


I use carousel componet in my app,but there has a tiny bug,Cann’t scroll one by one page.The scroll speed depends on what the strength i dragged.
From provious posts,the board moderator advised me to add code like below.

		$$('carousel').attachEvent("onTouchStart", function(){
         dhx.Touch.config.gravity = 0;
		  $$('carousel').attachEvent("onTouchEnd", function(){
			 dhx.Touch.config.gravity = 500;

This can solve this bug,but the scroll function of the carousel is very insensitive,i must drag long
distance then it can be scrolled the next page.

So who can explain the gravity property for me,or give me some methods to solve this issue which cann’t scroll one by one.

We have it in short list of oncoming features - so it will be added in nearest time.
Unfortunately there is no other simple way to apply “scroll by one” behavior

gravity defines how scroll element will behave after touch action end
increasing this parameter will result in longer after-touch scrolling