Whoops Error Exception


I have integrated an auth component with dhtmlx but am getting a Whoops Error Exception when references to the dhtmlx connector and the component are in the same php file. The error I get is:

Only variables should be assigned by reference

With reference to the following line of base_connector.php:

$this->rules = &$request->get_sort_by();

I read on SO that the ampersand should be removed. Did this and no joy. Realise I do not know enough of what’s going on behind the scenes and that there are a couple of posts on these forums about it where you ask the version of php being run, so mine is: 5.4.31.

When the lines pertinent to the auth component are commented out, dhtmlx code returns result set fine and vice versa.

What do you think ? Is there a setting across both components that I should be setting to avoid this seeming conflict ?

Thanks in advance, :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I can’t reconstruct the issue locally.

Can you point to the used “an auth component” ?


Yes the component is:

codecanyon.net/item/easylogin-pr … em/8585802

I can send you the component files configured as I have to simply replicate the issue if required…

Thanks in advance for your consideration. :slight_smile:



Once again, I tried removing the reference ampersand from lines 61 and 84 of base_connector.php but this propogates to a new type of issue…

Undefined property Dataviewconnector::blush: attributes

On dataview_connector.php line 60.

Is this info helping out with the issue at all ? Why should these issues only come about when the auth component and connector code are mixed and not individually ?

Thanks in advance once again :slight_smile:


Any idea on this exception Stanislav ?


Please try to use the latest version of connector. It can be downloaded from github



Yes, that solved the issue thanks kindly. :slight_smile: