Why can I not use render_sql with FormConnector?


I want to mix 2 tables in one, but render_sql is not working:

[code]$form = new FormConnector($connection);
$sql = “SELECT s.id as id,s.app_name as app_name, s.app_description as app_description, s.app_version as app_version, s.no_users as no_users, s.no_concurrent_users as no_concurrent_users, s.language_id as language_id, s.rate_liveupdate as rate_liveupdate, s.format_datetime as format_datetime, c.name as client_name, c.description as client_description, c.email as client_email, c.phone as client_phone, c.contact_person as client_contact_person, c.img_logo as img_logo
FROM settings as s
LEFT JOIN client as c ON c.id = s.client_id
WHERE s.id = ‘$id’”;

$form->render_sql ($sql,“id”,“id,app_name,app_description,app_version,no_users,no_concurrent_users,language_id,rate_liveupdate, format_datetime,client_name,client_description,client_email,client_phone,client_contact_person,img_logo”);[/code]

Only the render_table

$form = new FormConnector($connection); $form->render_table("settings","id","app_name,app_description,app_version,no_users,no_concurrent_users,language_id,rate_liveupdate,format_datetime");

How can I mixed this tables?

P.S. I’ll not use FormConnector for dataProcessor, only for populating this form.