why can't I use order_branch and sort at a time?


I want to use tasks drag and drop along with the sorting of column data.

But if both are enabled only sorting works and when sorting is disabled then dragging of tasks works,

why does that happen and can’t I use the drag and drop of tasks with sorting?


this is by the design. order_branch was added for cases when the visible order of tasks matters and is stored in database, and the client-side sorting does reordering which shouldn’t be saved to the database.

I.e. if you have both enabled, and the order of items stored in the database. You can sort tree by some arbitrary property - e.g. by duration, after that visual order does not match the order of tasks stored in the database (unless you update the table each time client sorts rows),
and then drag some item using order_branch - to which position should it be saved in the database?