why dhtmlcombo don't have "setSelected" mehtod

I write a method to select a item,why dhtmlcombo don’t have “setSelected” mehtod?

// myself setSelect(value);

dhtmlXCombo.prototype.setSelect = function(val){

     var v_text;

     if(val==null || val == “” || val==“null”){

     this._selOption = null;




     for(var i=0; i<this.optionsArr.length; i++)

     if(this.optionsArr[i].value == val) {

             v_text = this.optionsArr[i].text;

                this._selOption = this.optionsArr[i];






Combo has

a) combo.selectOption(index) to select option by index
b) combo.setComboValue(value) to select option by value

There was a error in older version, when setComboValue not selected related option - it is fixed in latest version.

thank you !  I will download the last version and  try setComboValue.